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The most commonly used form of classical Western massage, generally performed in the direction of the heart, sometimes with active or passive movement of the joints. it is used especially for relaxation, relief of muscular tension , improvement of circulation and range of motion. Swedish massage can be non-circulatory massage to deep tissue. It can be done at any age group. Swedish massage is the grandfather of all massage techniques.


Reflexology& Lower Leg Treatment

Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet, Reflexology is generally relaxing and may be an effective way to alleviate stress. The theory behind reflexology is that these areas correspond to organs and systems of the body. Pressure applied to these areas affects the organs and benefits the person's health.

45 minutes - Contact for pricing


Pregnancy massage aids the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which keeps blood flowing to both the mother and the baby. It stimulates different glands in the body, which help to stabilize hormone levels, and relieves nervous tension throughout the body. And the nurturing touch during pregnancy massage promotes relaxation and provides emotional support.
Post-Partum Pregnancy Massage is also good after giving birth. Postpartum pregnancy massage can help restore a mother's body to its pre-pregnancy condition. It helps to realign the body weight, and tones the over-stretched skin over the belly. As with all massage, it relieves muscle tension and stress from mothering duties!



Light, relaxing massage can safely be given to people at all stages of cancer. Helps anxiety, nausea, fatigue, depression. Individuals who have had massages during cancer treatments have reported a range of positive outcomes such as improvments in:

  • Sleep
  • The health of scar tissue
  • Quality of life
  • Mental clarity and alertness
  • Range of movement
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Consultation required. 30 minutes to 1 hour massage depending on client health and concerns.

Price determined on individual health and concerns.


Geriatric massage is a form of therapy designed to meet the specific needs of the elderly. As we get older, massage can help to manage the many physical and mental challenges that arise. People who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, depression and other age-specific conditions can have chronic pain, poor circulation and limited physical activity.
A geriatric massage session usually lasts no longer than 30 minutes, but can be schedule for longer if the patient and therapist feel that it is advisable. Passive movement and gentle stretching of the shoulders, legs and feet can improve joint mobility and flexibility in the elderly. Gentle massaging of the hands and feet can help prevent stiffness and relieve pain.


Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

This facial consists of deep cleaning, exfoliation, hot towels and extraction of clogged pores followed by a treatment mask.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial - $65

Teen Facial

This facial is recommended for 18 and under. It consists of deep cleaning, exfoliation and hot towels to unclog pores. It is finished with a treatment mask.

Teen Facial - Contact for pricing


Microdermabrasion provides several important benefits for the skin. The treatment smoothes away dull and rough skin texture, and it softens the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. The treatment also improves the skin’s tone by fading the appearance of brown spots, and skin blemishes. In addition, microdermabrasion, which combines the power of a vacuum suction with exfoliation, reduces the formation of blemishes. The vacuum achieves this by clearing out clogged pores and releasing trapped dirt and oil. This leaves skin more clear, vibrant, and beautiful.

The benefits of microdermabrasion cause skin to become rejuvenated, while stimulating the skin and facilitating cell renewal. Also, since the dead skin cells on the Stratum Corneum act as a barrier for the skin, once they are removed through microdermabrasion, skin care products will be more fully absorbed into the skin, maximizing their effectiveness. All these microdermabrasion benefits combine to uncover youthful and radiant skin.

Facial - $65

Addtional Services

These additions are available with any facial or massage.

Reflexology - $55

Hydrating hand and foot - Contact for pricing

Exfoliating/ hydrating hand and foot - Contact for pricing